Posts made in April, 2017

How Optimizing The Customer Journey Leads To Increased Sales

OPTIMIZE THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY TO SELL MORE One of the best strategies for customer acquisition that marketers utilize to increase returns is conversion rate optimization. It is much easier and cheaper to increase conversions than to increase traffic volume. Unfortunately, many are not doing it properly. Even though a very high percentage of paid marketing campaigns are not successful, marketers continue to blindly invest in such advertising...

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Is 2017 The Year Of The Digital Assistant?

The Robots are Coming and They Want to Help! Digital assistants that work as personal assistants helping users to manage all sorts of tasks are on the rise in 2017. You have probably heard of Siri, Apple’s own digital assistant tool; alongside Siri there’s OK Google! and Alexa and, on Windows devices, Cortana. These software tools can help find local restaurants, search for the latest news, provide general information and even make...

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How To Get Your Readers To Do What You Want

Secrets of Successful Copywriters to Look Out For and Copy Like any other profession, copywriting has its own stash of secret techniques to ensure success. Copywriters know how to boost sales, write promos and other advertising ideas that will get the attention of readers and listeners – a good copywriter will use these techniques to get people flocking to your product or service offer. These copywriting secrets have been proven to get...

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